My Top Three Robson Street Eats

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This article originally appeared on Bite Me Vancouver in August 2018.

With Robson Street being one of Vancouver’s top tourism spots for tourists to explore and shop, I felt it would be necessary to share with you my top three favourites on Robson Street! On a day off, sometimes you just want to have fun downtown exploring the busy streets, specially when there’s food and shopping involved! Whether you are craving sushi with a fabulous patio, gelato with so many flavours to choose from, or a wicked poke bowl to give you a feel for Vancouver’s latest trend, Robson Street has it all! Here are my favourites I HAVE to rave about.

Ebisu on Robson

Ebisu on Robson is a great restaurant for some casual Japanese favorites, and a drink or two on the outside patio. With a few different locations, this one is one of the best because of the ease and convenience of being able to go shopping afterwards, which you know I’m always up for after a good meal!

I have a few favourites, but if you are going for the first time I definitely recommend the Spicy Chashu Stone Bowl! You can let the rice stay in the bowl longer to make it extra crispy, and the spicy pork and different veggies make this dish so enjoyable.

Ebisu on Robson
Website: http://www.ebisu.ca/robson/
Address: 827 Bute St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3Y4

Poke Time

My next favourite on Robston Street is definitely some poke (pronounced poh-keh) from Poke Time; when I need a taste of the true West Coast vibe, I look no further than Poke Time on Robson Street. This restaurant was actually one of the first Poke restaurants to open in Vancouver, and we were so happy we found this spot when we did!

We love their signature bowls like the BC Bowl or Zen bowl (pictured above). They also carry wicked poke burritos too if you’re craving a burrito; make sure you give it a try next time you’re in the area!

Poke Time
Website: http://www.poketime.ca/
Address: 1258 Robson St Vancouver, BC, V6E 1C2
Telephone: 778.379.7187
Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm everyday

D’oro Gelato & Caffe

Finally, off to dessert! A lot of the times we’ll go for bubble tea anywhere we can find, but with this cafe on Robson Street it’s hard to resist. D’oro Gelato is amazing for all the different flavours they carry of gelato; not only that, but they also carry food options for lunch, and different ice cream cake options ready for your next special occasion.

If you’re not craving gelato, don’t worry because they have beautiful sculpted popsicles like these. With caramel and white chocolate on the inside, how can you say no?! So next time you’re craving something sweet on Robson, come visit this award winning cafe for some lovely gelato.

D’oro Gelato e Caffè
Website: https://dorogc.com/
Address: 1222 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 1C1
Phone: 604-694-0108
Hours: Open Sunday – Saturday, 7:00AM to 11:00PM

That’s my top three for Robson Street, but I’d love to hear yours! Leave your top three in the comments below and let me know your next request on the top three or five favourites I should do! Thanks for reading.

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